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    Hi. I took the time to go back and re-read your initial post on this subject before I add this one, just in case I did misread the original posting.

    I am sorry, but it really does sound like you asked if there is a way another IT department can catch the software in question and it does sound like you were asking for a better option that is undetectable. What makes the posting even more alarming is that you refer to a target computer used in the workplace, and on top of that, a goverment workplace of all places.

    You really should not be doing things like this. You are going to cross the wrong network administrator who will throw the book at you for such activity. Your original post included below.

    I am interested for a client who recently reported she was watching her spouse's online activity via spyware she sent to him remotely. He is employed by the city government. Is there a way his It department to identify the email with which she sent him this spy program. Is there a safer way for her to monitor his computer. Also, is there a way she can detect if he is monitoring her computer activity? Please send any info relating to this ! She is using SpectorPro with remote access add on.

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    Re: Spying on Spouse Misunderstood

    Originally posted here by Tiger Shark

    You untrusting, cold-hearted bastard.....

    I'm with you I'm afraid....

    Originally posted here by raindarkblue
    You guys are cruel.

    th13 & TS, you guys are cruel, cruel, cruel, bad boys
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    This thread was closed for a reason. Now lets hope the mods do the same for this one. TS and Horse are right, this user is not only a liar, but now she is trying to cover her ass. you lose @ life, now go away.
    Everyone is going to die, I am just as good of a reason as any.


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    Question confuses?

    Are you onboard with me or you saying I am some idiot??????

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