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Thread: I have a problem about a hosting firm

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    I have a problem about a hosting firm

    mivena.com has taken my money and they didnt give me back. I was thinking they are a hosting firm. But they have taken my money and not openned my accoun. Can anyone hack this website for me?

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    Hi there. I've moved this thread from Roll Call and put it here, closed, because what you're asking is, quite often, illegal in many countries. If I may suggest some alternative ideas:

    1. Contact them and find out what's happened. Call them if necessary.

    2. If you cannot get a hold of anyone, and you paid by credit card, then contact your credit card company to get them to reverse the charges (generally disputing the charge is the way to go).

    3. If the site is in the US, (which I think it is) you can file a complaint here: http://www.ic3.gov/

    4. If they are out of country and you paid in cash, you may be SOL. A check with the country's government (foreign affairs or something like that) might help you deal with it.
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