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Thread: Com[uter spying

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    MAte I can see where your comming from.. Let her stalk you.. show her that your not intimidated.. get on with your life.. If she is so desperate or sick that she feels she need to do this then so be it.. let her continue untill she has buried herself so deep that it will take an atomic bomb to clear the muck. When she acts illegaly and she gets caught, watch out she will throw as much back at you that she can, so dont be a fool.
    If you suspect something, you will need to talk to your employer, then if the suspicion is toward your wife, your employer will handle it.. Now if this your personal PC.. Repartition and format the HDD..reinstall the OS.. start again..

    Always expect that anything you say and do ARE being monitored, be it in personal conversations, on the phone or on the PC. If you have reason to believe that someone is delibertly aquiring information about you notify someone who has authority.. if you stuff around with the evidence and/or act on information you find YOU will be accused of the crime that your a victim of..

    it may take a year or two.. this sort of crap will stress you to extreems.. but dont get involved in a tit for tat battle.. that will support her arguments..

    As it is you havent beed able to stand up with us so far.. I am still not sure of you real reasons for posting.. stop the lies..
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    /me thinks Rain is a female not the other way around


    1. Download this http://www.moosoft.com/products/cleaner/download/
    2. Run it.

    I can't promise it finds everything, but it finds alot.


    EDIT: It WILL find SpectorPro, so if thats truly what you need, you have your answer.

    \"If computers are to become smart enough to design their own successors, initiating a process that will lead to God-like omniscience after a number of ever swifter passages from one generation of computers to the next, someone is going to have to write the software that gets the process going, and humans have given absolutely no evidence of being able to write such software.\" -Jaron Lanier

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    Somebody's spying on me...

    Is it me or are we getting a rash (aka a TON) of people visiting this board to ask for help on either spying on people or suspect they are being spied upon. Man, are people getting more and more paranoid about their computer...which might not be a bad thing as maybe they will be more vigilant about protecting it...or is it a sign of our culture?

    Sorry...not trying to derail this thread (although I believe it's about done now). Just making an observation. Hmmm.

    /edit: maybe we should have a sticky to direct all the paranoid to...wait that would include us security folk

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    Hi ric-o,

    MeThinks that this has alot to do with multiple identities...like the typhoidmary mess, where people come on here with various identities asking the same questions...

    no offense raindarkblue but that is very often the case and some people get tired of it, the lies, the identity switches, etc...

    personally, I like to have a side dish of controversy with my main course of peace and tranquility...just to balance out my diet.


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