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Thread: Changing Broken Image image on Firefox

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    Changing Broken Image image on Firefox

    I ahve just posted this on ABS and thought it woudl be of intrest here as well

    so here ya go

    **btw you can do the same on Mac but .gif is located in a different folder just search for it**

    Anyone who uses firefox has prolly at some point saw this image click for pic

    but this can get a little boring after a while so lets change it

    you could even go for an ABS themed one like Click for pic

    First choose your image like mine above (right click and choose save image as)
    Next go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\res (this is the default directory it may be different if you have picked a different installation directory for firefox)

    In this folder you will find broken-image.gif - this is the normal icon shown in firefox when an image link is broken.

    Replace this image (you may want to make a backup first incase you ever want to change back) with your new icon

    Restart firefox and the icon should have changed


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    Thanks for the tip! Gonna do this as soon as I get home to my box.

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