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Thread: Free Positive Antipoints for Everyone!!!!!!!

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    Free Positive Antipoints for Everyone!!!!!!!

    Well rather than havin to post anything of value to earn antipoints I thought I would help everyon out and give them as many positive antipoints as they want!!!

    All it takes is one small windows app - download, run and just enter in the numbr of aps you want Hit 'Start' and it'll give you them

    download program here


    to see a screenshot of the program in action click here
    I do not recemmond however entering in too large a number - to quit the program hit alt+F4 or just kill it in task manager

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    this has to be the best thing i saw about AO yet....genious !
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    after a suggestion by sec_ware i have changed the app slightly so that if you enter a negative value it generates neg aps instead


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    Don't forget the clear ap's too so we can all play newbie...
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    I have so many AP's I can't even see this forum - GREAT!!!!!!!!

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    Wish I could get all these APs for real.... I have been a Master of Master member for awhile.... nice experience...
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    Hey Val!

    Happy Saint Patrick's............

    Sorry mate could you do a quick change to make them shamrocks?...........I have around 17.05hrs on the 16th March here.

    Slainte va

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    HUH! "program performed an illegel opereation and will be closed down "
    i am not even goos for that (

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