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    moving files accross network with Perl

    I am relatively new at this, but here is the situation. I have a group of recordings at point A on our network (windows 2000 server box). They are placed there by a verification division after verification. I have written a perl script that reads the final fields (Date) into an array and creates a folder to copy them to on point B (linux). The problem is, I can not get them to copy. I have mounted the windows 2000 filesystem using samba, and currently I am trying to use:

    system(`mv $sourcedir,$destfile');

    It is not working. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

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    i'm not too familiar with the perl script you're using (i'd be really interested in reading it, i'm somewhat of a newbie with perl) but i have enuogh experience with Samba. Have you tried usign the script on the windows system, and how about doing it yourself to see if it can be done manually.

    I know you have to mount the share on the Un*x system, you might have incorret credentials, or not have access to the share on either system. Also, the user who moves the file must have write access to the Unix folder, and read access on the windows system.
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    This was a rather old post, so I hope he has found the answer by now but, I'm going to venture to guess that the reason it won't copy is the comma in the mv command. Syntax is "mv source destination".

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    thank you guys

    THanks guys!! The problem was the comma.

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