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Thread: MSN TV Trojan Hacker Sent to Jail

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    MSN TV Trojan Hacker Sent to Jail

    MSN TV Trojan Hacker Sent to Jail
    MSN TV Trojan Hacker Sent to Jail

    By Robert Jaques
    03/15/05 7:48 AM PT

    The WebTV service, which has been rebranded as MSN TV, allows subscribers to connect to the Internet using their televisions. Jeansonne's Trojan was e-mailed to users in 2002, posing as a program which would change colors on their TV screens.

    A U.S. court has sentenced a Louisiana man to six months in prison after finding him guilty of infecting WebTV users with a Trojan that plagued emergency services with nuisance phone calls.

    David Jeansonne, 41, of Metairie, Louisiana, pleaded guilty last month to causing a threat to public safety and causing damage to computers.
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    The man was 41! You would think he would have know better by now.

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    Weird. The article referenced here (BTW, the search feature at AO works great!) says he was 44. Either way..

    What truly kills me about all this is that MS is being paid retribution (about $30K). Shouldn't this money go to the 911 service?
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