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Thread: IT manager, turned cracker, jailed for five months

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    IT manager, turned cracker, jailed for five months


    MESC, a hi-tech manufacturer's representative, went out of business in June 2004, employed Erfurt as a contractor, managing its network remotely part-time whilst he retained his main job with its Irvine-based rivals Centaur. This unusual arrangement reportedly soured over time, prompting Erfurt to attack MESC as "payback".
    I can't see myself hiring someone part-time who still works full-time for my competitor or viseversa, especially for remote admin work.

    You here conversations about how companies 'overreact' when someone is show the door. Unfortunately I don't think that is the case in enough situations. How many times do companies have to see others get bit in the ass before they put proper policies in place and follow them?

    Erfurt admitted he hacked into MESC's systems using the systems of a competitor, Centaur, who were employing him at the time and where he continues to work. Centaur Chief Executive Officer Bruce Cahill told IDG: "This was a private individual that happened to use a computer system at our office. We're not involved in this."
    Do you think they're afraid to fire him until the can safeguard the network?
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    They screwed up. Whatever hiring manager they had should have been chewed up for allowing someone with a blatant conflict of interest like that be employed for their company. Tho he may have just outright lied and said he was no longer working for the competition...or never did. A background check would have probably helped alot.
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