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Thread: Are IT workers becoming the corporate cops

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    Are IT workers becoming the corporate cops


    "The relationship between HR and IT should be such that IT's role is to respond to genuine concerns raised by either HR or line managers over individual behaviors or work patterns evidenced by other factors, and not IT itself having to allocate resource to pro-actively police and alert the business of potential problem areas. In reality of course such a clear divide is quite a challenge," he said.
    To the huddled masses, that's what they think a lot of our time is spent at anyway. Like I have so much extra time at work Ihave nothing better to do than read someone's e-mail.

    In a lot of places it's a big game of pass the buck.
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    I think a well understood written corporate policy concerning the relationship between Corporate data security and IT's role in implementation and reporting should be set in stone, read by and signed off by every employee in every department. What that policy specifically entails, in its creation, is purely up to the parties involved.

    A problem (but not the only problem) comes when HR (or whoever), during the execution of their daily job, stretches the boundary of that policy by trying to force IT's hand to get what they want or ...tsk..tsk... no raise for you (implied). Similar to blackmail, these actions have a detrimental effect upon moral and interoffice relationships, further hampering company cohesiveness. An effective chain of command can help stifle these attempts, but how many businesses are so inclined?

    I don't think there will be a clear distinct dividing line in a mist of gray fog, as long as humans are involved.

    Being an IT person, I would work towards limiting my future involvement in a potential mess, so "I" would proactively draft a policy, submit it up the chain for consideration/approval and/or at least get my influence in that policy before someone else does....to my detriment.

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