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Thread: Free Linux Cd's

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    Free Linux Cd's

    Guy's i recently came upon a website that ships free linux cd's to anyone across the globe and they bare the shipping charges and you don't have to pay a single cent . the site is
    "shipit.ubuntulinux.org" for ordering cd's and their offiial site is ubuntulinux.org.they are placed in England. i just thought someone minght try their version of linux or may need it
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    I got a bunch of their cd's a month or two ago.

    Ubuntu is a nice distro. But because its a one cd install you get a really bare bone system (well its really well stocked compared to windows.)

    Its nice to give out to friends. And it comes with a live cd for every install cd(execpt for the 64 bit cds')

    Its also the first 64 bit os i had on my amd athlon 64 3600+ and it worked fine.

    (And yeah, its free and the quality is great)
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    I just ordered me a couple..

    allways good to give to friends

    I'm more a slackware then debian (ubuntu = debian++) fan but hey, I'll give it a go..
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    /off topic

    "LinuxMall" used to be a great source of multiple distros and other software (office applications and all sorts ) then the dreaded "S upremely C orrupt O rganization" bought a large share of them and they went down the toilet

    I liked them because although you had to pay a bit, it was so little that it did not get import duty charges

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    I just got a copy of Ubuntu with one of the magazines at my work. We get free CDs from magazines that don't sell within a month. Thats a great website to have though, thanks a lot

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    Linux Emporium

    It isn't free, but it's another site.

    They do have freebies though, it is for superceded discs :

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    well i don have a cd writer so i cannot write the unbuntu cd's that i get from the monthly computer magzines subscription , so hey i ordred 50 cd's for me and my friends and their friends!!
    thanx for the gr8 link

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