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    Unix / Pico Help


    Im trying out Unix and Pico , anyway my question is i have a text file on my USB disk ( which is drive H:\ )

    What command do i use in pico to unable me to change directory so that i am working in the usb H:\ ) as id like to open the text file located on the USB disk.


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    In *nix you don't have a "H:" drive... Your drives are not lettered.

    You may want to learn up some on the unix/linux filesystem.
    I'll link you to linux references. If you need a specific version of unix, then you can look that up yourself. They are going to be pretty similar and the concept is the same.

    Going forward, you'll have to have a good understanding of the filesystem layout.
    Otherwise you'll be lost!

    To mount your usb flash drive, check out the following tutorial.
    It is pretty srt8 forward.

    Then after you have mounted your usb flash drive you would cd to the usb drive and then open the file with pico, or work from your current location and just tell pico where to find the file you want to work on..

    ex. going after the example in the tutorial I linked you to above.

    cd /mnt/usbflash
    pico somefile


    pico /mnt/usbflash/somefile
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