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Thread: Scam Examples

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    Hi Folks! This post is not related to an email scam but its a scam that is conducted mainly in India. I hope you would tell this to your loved ones after reading the post.


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    I'm not sure if this is a new trend or not, but i have recently been receiving a few phishing emails that are perceive to be from Apple. They all are in reference to my bill, stating to pay an insufficient balance. The email address is obviously fake/scam because it's just a bunch of numbers. The body of the email looks unofficial as well, and it states that it's being sent from Apple Support. I believe that it's just some hackers attempting to get you to input your credit card information thinking that you're paying a bill, but you're just getting scammed. Has this happened to anyone? If so, how do i stop getting these emails?

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    I would go online to your email provider and mark/report the emails as SPAM.

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