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Thread: Creating a multi boot cd

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    Creating a multi boot cd

    First of all a big HELLO to everybody reading this thread.

    I need help regarding creating a multi bootable cd which can show me a menu or something like that, that what software I want to boot. For eg, I want to put BartPE, CIA Commander, etc on the same cdrom. I hope you got my question.

    I have read the Licence agreement for both BartPE and CIA Commander and they both *do not* prohibit using there software + some other software on the same CDROM whether for booting or not.

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    Check this link out -


    Its about bartpe and creating a rescue CD, with some tinkering you could prehaps put CIA commader on there, but im unsure how to do that as I havent even fully read this tutorial, but it should give you somewhere to start


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    Do you mean something like the Ultimate Boot CD (And there is an option to Customize the CD)?
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    There was a CIA Commander plug in for Bart.. or am I mistaken?

    just read irongeeks tutorial as posted above.. very handy..

    next problem
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