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Thread: Feeling sorry for being on AO

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    Feeling sorry for being on AO

    Truly I feel very sorry for being on AntiOnline.

    I hardly earned 10(positive) points in long 4 months(from dec 2004 to mar 18 2005) and reached the other side of ZERO in a jerk because of a silly post called 'Is it legel to ping?'by some called 'naviaulakh'. I was already frustrated and while reading this thread I shouted

    Thanks for those negetive APs.. I just love those red gifs


    Can somebody give that guy more reds...
    and I wanted to give reds to the thread starter and I got that reminder "spread around" so I asked some other to give that guy reds and For your surprise everybody reading that thread started their neggulator upon me for no reason et al. In the past too I have been getting -ve APs for the reason that I posted my view on an old post. Tell me is that right?

    Most of the people found here are of very very stingy nature. For a good, atleast knowledgable post they give atmost 5 APs and for a little bad post they give you 20 out of 20 but negetive.

    I think I have said enough and I know I will get more and more and more and more negetive AntiPoints for this post and after few minutes it will suicide. So when ever you feel like giving negetive antipoints always give 'em to "gess~da~devil" and be happy.

    Anyway my current post on AO is this http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=266959

    May God bless you all guys and gals at AO.
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    Two bits of advice (1)don't b!tch about AP's, it'll only get you more. (2) Post in the correct forum.
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    Just curious what the point of this post was? Are you trying to get banner or to get people to feel sorry for you? Don't worry about APs. Just post useful insightful information and take in what you can.

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    AP's suck. Negging people for bitching about AP's sucks. Posting useful information may get you some greens, it's far easier to flame someone here in an amusing way and get them tho. =p
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