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    MS has a KB about installing and running multi versions of office...a search should turn it up

    Always start with the oldest first...and install them into seperate folders...
    Default is C:\program Files> MS Office (I think...no MS office on this machine...)

    I change the dir names during install...office 97, office 2k office xp etc

    Although I just had an issue where I had to install a feature for access 97........after I been running Word\excel 2000\Outlook 2003..along with access 97 for a while...stuck in the office 97 disk.......added the feature for access
    which totally f%^ked my install...outlook started acting up...couldnt even run excel

    fought with it for a day or so...(while doing other work related things)

    I lost patience...

    Format fixed it...made sure I had ALL features first time around this time

    All has to do with vb and dll versions........left word and excel at 97 version...for now

    Format cleans things up anyway.....

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    It seems I can't install Office '97 on any XP machines without having the same problem. Could it be Office 97 is not compatable with Windows XP?
    No prob with office97 on my machines.
    Got a network of 37 computers in the cafe each runnin office97 didn't have any trouble installing, and haven't had any trouble with 'em so far.

    Could there be something more sinister happening..?

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