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Thread: Adjusting to new motherboard

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    Adjusting to new motherboard

    I'm currently working on a friend's computer that had a dead motherboard. I just installed a brand new mobo and moved all the memory, CPU, heat sinks, hard drive, etc. over from the old board. This is the first time I've done this before, so naturally I figured there'd be some initial hangups, and sure enough...

    The computer now boots (yay!), but I can't get the OS to load (I think it's XP, not sure since the computer wasn't bootable when they handed it over to me). The typical "choose mode for Windows to boot into" screen comes up, and first I told it to boot to the last known good configuration. Computer reboots, and returns me to that screen. Repeat. Never boots into Windows. Tried going into safe mode instead, no luck.

    I figure it's an issue with identifying the new mobo since I just moved everything over to it. What else do I need to do? Update BIOS perhaps? Tweak a config setting? I figure it's gotta something remotely simple to get it to boot up into Windows...

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    use the XP CD.
    Boot from CD.
    use the repair option.
    you WILL need the admin password ...............

    DOS type screen.

    type 'help' for a list of commands.


    are the two I needed [just last week ]

    When you boot the system does a 'roll call' of the hardware from its previous start.
    As you have a new Mo/Bo it is NOT seeing its 'proper' list.

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    Do you know how much motherboard specific driver there is in Windows XP? I see over 20 system devices in my Device Manager that are tie with the motherboard. For example, when you try loading XP on a new motherboard, it tries to load Intel Chipset driver (Dead Motherboard was has Intel chipset) and you have a SIS chipset now, Windows XP doesn't like that. Sometime, XP can manage to boot and re-install SIS chipset driver but if it do, you are lucky! Most of time, it won't be able and crash; basically your case.
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    Hi Angelic~

    My first question is what sort of computer is It, home built or proprietary?

    I have come across problems with proprietary machines, as they do not give you a proper XP CD, just a "recovery disk" that only works with their hardware.

    I would give what Foxy~ suggested a try and get back to us.

    Unfortunately my experiences in this area have not been that good, I have generally had to reinstall XP and reactivate it. It is the MS hardware conscious anti-piracy stuff, and it thinks that new MoBo = new computer.

    Good luck

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