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Thread: E-Mail Notification

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    E-Mail Notification

    I'm not sure if i could do this once or not... is there a way to put something in ane-mail so you get a notification when the receipient opens the mail ? I'm sending from gmail to MSN if you need the specifics. I think i kow there was an option like that when i used AOL but i'm not sure anymore. Is there something like that ?

    Why is this in Newbie Security Questions ? It compromises privacy lol come on, more ueless threads make it ino the forum.
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    Hi CopyRight,

    I really don't know if this is it or not but it did say on the google page that the sender receives email from recipient...

    ExtraView Bug Tracker Tour: Email Notification

    it's a custom email so it might have what you need...if not just ignore!


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    Do you mean like the OE style 'receipt' thing ?

    and I seem to remember an option to be notified when the mail had been dropped onto their server.

    there is a facility on mobile phones that tells you when the SMS text has been delivered.
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    I gotta start using quick reply...

    I think I found it...

    You can also set return notification so that you will receive a message when a recipient opens and/or deletes a task from you.
    Setting Your GroupWise Options


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    NOVELL: Cool Solutions: Checking Status of Sent Mail Items
    Checking Status of Sent Mail Items. ... You can receive notification when the
    recipient opens or deletes a message, declines an appointment, or completes a ...
    NOVELL: Cool Solutions: Checking Status of Sent Mail Items

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    No, not using what you are.

    The only time I ever saw this was on an IBM s/38 and it was a system my guys wrote...........the punter was not asked.........we just logged

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    A'OhelL used to have such a feature - it evolved into the 'unsend' option in their email setup. Nowadays it's easy to tell if a sent mail has been opened or not from them since the 'unsend' option disappears on mail that's already been opened by its recipient. Sure wish ThunderBird had that feature...
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    <img src=http://yourdomain.com/tracker.gif>

    then keep an eye on your server logs


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    you could have a look at this to see if it meets your needs.

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    Allright, i'll try those out, thanks a bunch guys !
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    Hey there,

    Since you are using Gmail and Gmail gives a free POP3 account, why don't you let this task to Outlook Express???? AFAIK, it does this an works nicely... I hope I could be of helpful...

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