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Thread: motherboard advice

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    motherboard advice

    I need a new processor and motherboard (the one I salvaged has 900 MHz and 128 SyncDRAM), but I have a limit of $225, can I get a better one? Where should I look, or should I even bother looking?
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    Where should you be looking? Google.
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    the one I salvaged has 900 MHz and 128 SyncDRAM
    Your best bet for improved performance is to increase your RAM, and save your money for a new machine

    You do not say what operating system you are using, or if you have onboard video or a card, or what speed your HDD is running at.

    I do quite a lot of upgrading and salvaging, so I am very conscious of "bang per buck" considerations

    Give me a few more details of what you have got and I will try to suggest what I think is worthwhile.


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