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    Question Norton iGuard

    In the latest 2600 they gave quite a good list of tools to use. Having those programs helps greatly, I found a few that I already didn't have, however, I would like to know what everyone thinks of AV software. For a long time I have always used Norton AV and seem to have good results from what I can tell. There is also a program called Security iGuard... Anyone have any advice on iGuard that I might find usefull? Seems like when searching around on the net most people dont like it, saying that it is spyware itself, which defeats the purpose of having it.. What is the best single/multiple AV programs to use?!?

    Also, for anonymous surfing, what are some of the top programs to use at the moment? I used to use Proximicon, or something to the effect. I would like to know what works well with a public/private proxy list..


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    Hi. The Symantec product lines, NAV & SAV are on quite a few peoples bad lists. I have seen much huffing and puffing about their poor service, support, virus signature quality and program stability concerns. I have to use them, and even I myself have seen quite a few of these problems crop up here and there.

    TrendMicro are getting a good reputation. So is F-Secure. I also have seen some very nice work from Computer Associates.

    The purpose of this post is not to slam Symantec or start an anti-virus program debate, there are as many opinions as there are viruses on the matter.

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