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Thread: Chinese cookware scoops for wireless antenna

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    Chinese cookware scoops for wireless antenna

    I just reading this project http://www.usbwifi.orcon.net.nz/ and I think this is the cheapest and hilarious wireless antenna..I've never seen before. I am going to try this cheap antenna using Auditor Live CD for testing. They even using umbrella for their antenna

    Just in case if you interested to use your kitchen tools for your project
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    Thats pretty interesting. i have attempted before to make an antenna out of a pringles can, which is pretty unusual, but this I have never heard of before! Let us know how you get on.

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    Silicon Chip, the electronics mag did this story last year..Issue 192.. sept 2004 check it out I suspect it links to the same site.. the artical did give some links that would be helpful to a wlan fiddlier.. link here: http://siliconchip.com.au/cms/archive.html

    btw.. anyone know of a good cheep source of RP-SMA connectors in Australia.. bloody $20 each for a 5 buy is bloody murder.. (why the hell do the Wirless accespoint mans have to insist on such rare connector.. N or TNC would have been a more suitable choice..even SMA but bloody RP-SMA....
    hmm I may need cheese with that..
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    Interesting If it works better someone let me know and ill compare it to my pringles antenna

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