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Thread: Help for choosing college course

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    Help for choosing college course

    Guys i am going to join college in a matter of few months i just wanted to ask your opinion about the course i am going to join i am in a dilema about what to join.
    I have kept my preferences on these courses

    -Chemical Engineering
    -Material Science Technology
    -Information and Communications engineering
    -Information Technology

    What do you guys think would be good would have scope etc..
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    It is very difficult to advise anyone on which subject to choose or which direction to go in, as you alone will have to make that decision. I imagine you will be studying for the next 3-5 yrs and I would say it is pointless studying something you have no interest in, or enthusiasm for. Make sure you are doing it for yourself, it's what you want to do, and not something that someone has suggested you should do.
    Good luck with your studies, whatever subject you choose
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