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Thread: Temp folder

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    Temp folder

    Is it safe for one such as myself to delete objects in the path C:\DOCUME~1\"user"\LOCALS~1\Temp folder.

    I just noticed things automatically unzip themselves there by default and I never thought about exploring it to retrieve the info. But I don't want to delete anything for fear of it actually being important because I don't know if any other program uses the same temp folder. Thanks

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    Hi RedFox,

    Yes, you can go ahead. TEMP stands for temporary, and that's all those files are ... unless it's a very badly written application anyway.

    If you still have the original zipfiles somewhere, you can always unzip again, right?


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    Well, I am not quite sure exactly what you are asking?

    1. Yes you can delete items from the temp folder, but I would not try to delete the folder itself..........it won't let you in Windows, because there will be current stuff in there.

    2. Just create a new folder called "deleter" or whatever you like and move stuff out of the temp folder into this new folder. Wait a day or two and see if you have any problems...........if not, you can delete the stuff out of that folder. Remember, to check if there are problems you will have to do a re-boot

    3. You could also use the recycle bin in a similar way, but I prefer a separate folder for stuff I am not sure about..............that is my personal preference though..........there is no good technical reason for it

    It is a good question, as all sorts of garbage will collect in the temp folder if you do not manage it yourself.


    After you have done your housekeeping.............remember to clear browser history, cache, java cache, mail client deleted items etc.

    Reboot into "safe mode" and defragment your hard drive.


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    I don't think that files in the Temp file are really important to make the OS run properly. I am deleting the temp file and never ever had any problem....

    By the way, it is better to empty your Temp once your OS loaded.. For this I have made a little Autoexec.bat file to do this everytime the computer starts, just put file shortcut in the Start-up folder... It will work and remove eveything on the Temp painlessly....

    The follwoing link will show you how to do this...


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    thanks for the replies. Deleted.

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