I think I've been using it enough to give it my review now.

For starters, I did a little more installations with this than I normally do.

I installed this on every machine I own and it actually worked on them all. Even my Laptop gave no problems, so hardware support has been improved greatly because my Compaq does not like 2.6 Kernels, and it's working on it right now.

The installation went well as usual, and I was able to get it up and running and updated and patched within an hour or so depending on the install I did.

the install I put on my Compaq, I did very custom because I use it as my FTP server so I didn't want a lot of applications that weren't needed. And surprisingly it worked.

On my laptop, again, no problems whatsoever and even though the mouse is a tough pad, I could double tap it and make it be like a double click like you can do in XP.

The system overall looks great and if you're willing to sit down and learn how to actually use it, it can in fact replace a Windows system which is what Novell would like to do. They want people to use Linux on the Desktop and this surely is ready for the desktop.

I downloaded Slackware 10.1 when it came out, popped in a CD-R and then clicked on the ISO file. It popped up K3B then started checking the MD5 checksum for me, and then I clicked burn and it was done. I booted from them to check them out and as I expected, they booted fine. How much more easy can it get?

Stability of this system is second to none.

All around I'd recommend this to anyone. Just remember to RTFM.