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Thread: Microsoft WUS goes RC1

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    Microsoft WUS goes RC1

    "Windows Server Update Services Release Candidate Now Available

    We are pleased to announce that the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
    Release Candidate (RC) released today, Tuesday March 22! The Release
    Candidate of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), formerly Windows Update
    Services (WUS), includes new features such as:
    . Replica mode for WSUS server hierarchies, making them easier to manage.
    . SSL connections between WSUS servers and clients, providing an even more
    secure end-to-end environment.
    . Automatic Update policy to allow non-administrators to receive update
    notifications, offering greater flexibility in organizations where logged on
    users are commonly not administrators.
    As a participant in the WSUS Open Evaluation Program (OEP) you have the
    opportunity to test and provide feedback on the RC of the product, related
    documentation, and tools.

    How do you obtain the WSUS RC, associated documentation, and tools?
    . Go to WSUS OEP site,
    . Register and download the release.
    It is important to note the following regarding content support for your
    existing Beta 2 installation:

    . The last update to the beta Microsoft Update service was made on March
    8th. As a result, Windows Update Services Beta 2 will no longer recieve new
    updates. We encourage you to download the Release Candidate of Windows
    Server Update Services as soon as possible to continue receiving updates and
    testing the product.
    . Existing content on the beta Microsoft Update service will be available
    for server synchronization until April 22, 2005. After that date, that
    service will be decomissioned and Windows Update Services Beta 2
    installations will not be able to receive any content.
    Thank you for your interest in Windows Server Update Services!

    The Windows Server Update Services Team
    Microsoft Corporation"

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    Thank for the info! I'm waiting for this program to become official for a long time now! Tired of old plain SUS!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Sending myself a reminder to get the RC right now.... I have been using the WUS for a couple of months and love it.... Thanks...
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