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Thread: :( lost OS selection !!

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    :( lost OS selection !!

    well i got 98se and xp-pro on my system( C: & D: respectively )
    due to 98 break down i got to format my c: and reloaded 98-se using a bootable cd but in the process ,expected, i got a new boot.ini and lost my xp from os selection list is there any way i could bring back my xp without re-loading it.........

    i had tried editing boot.ini but nothing...........
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    can you still see the D partition? and are you sure you didnt format the entire drive in the process of doing fix on the 98se portion?
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    yep i can se that .
    no i havn't formated my d: partition xp-files, my doc. ,windows folders are still there.

    my entire disk is on fat32.
    smoking is really bad for ur PC....

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