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Thread: Wireless Evil twin?

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    Wireless Evil twin?


    After reading this;
    I am wondering if broadcasting the SSID at a high power, can the traffic be sniffed to crack LEAP Fast? Hell, anyone can crack WEP.

    How can they make it seem easy to compomise the client?

    I am a little perplexed if this article has any anything new.

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    This was hashed (and subsequently trashed...by myself) some time ago. Looks like Yahoo had a slow news day, so they wrote this up, added some more info, and posted it as 'new'?

    Anyway...it depends on what encryption is being used. Honestly, I've lost track with the PEAP/LEAP/EAP/WPA/WPA-PSK malarkey. "The best thing about standards is that there are so many of them!" -- zencoder

    An 'evil twin' (properly known as a Rogue Access Point) would certainly allow one to gather a lot of info from clients trying to connect. I'd have to go re-learn how each encryption scheme works to see how valuable that is. With TICL/TKP (hell, I can't even remember the acronyms now. ) With the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol, the nodes on the WLAN change encryption keys at a set interval, and the passphrase shared is used to help synchronize when, how, and by what means the keys change...I think. That was the HIGH LEVEL, simplified description.

    Bottom line, if you can convince people to connect to your access point, you can gather information that could help you crack the network. I'm not a big fan of corporate Wireless deployment to the intranet. I'd much rather have WLAN traffic dumped into a dedicated DMZ, where users must then tunnel in via a VPN gateway...SSL, IPSec, whatever get's your juices flowing.

    Relying solely on WEP/WPA/LEAP/etc. is putting all your egg's in one basket. Defense in Depth is the mantra of our industry for a reason.

    How can they make it seem easy to compomise the client?
    Was that in the article? I ran through it and didn't see anything like this...
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