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Thread: XP Power management change script?

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    Exclamation XP Power management change script?

    [Pertains to Microsoft Operating System]

    For XP Pro, I'm looking for a simple script/reg file which will allow me to easily change Power management from... say... "Always On" to "Portable/Laptop" setting just by clicking a simple icon, AND another script/reg file to change it back.

    Since I'm on a notebook, I seem to change my settings a couple times a day, at least, so I'm tiring of all this clicking for just a simple change.

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    If you go into power management "advanced" there is an option to put the icon on the toolbar. That will take you straight to the screen where you select the scheme.

    It hardly seems worth writing a script to do more than that?

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    OK.. for XP pro there is a reg setting:-

    HKUsers\[Insert User SSID Here]\Control Panel\PowerCfg

    with the key "CurrentPowerPolicy".

    On your laptop it should usually be set to 1. You can find the appropriate number for all the different setting in the same location. Thus you could export the key and edit it for 1 or whatever and have the reg files on the desktop. Not sure it will take effect immediately... I'm leaving for the satellite office in a minute and my box there is an XP Pro laptop.... I'll have a fiddle and update you.


    LOL... I got to the satellite office and fired up my lappie.... I have the power meter in the systray to remind me when I forget to plug it in.... I clicked it to see what I had set and it came up with a list of all possibilities that you can change on the fly.....

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    Thank you Nihil! That did the trick.

    It's been a while since I was in that particular tab so I forgot what was in there. The option to put it in the taskbar is there. Thanks again.

    Thanks to TigerShark for looking on your laptop for me.
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