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Thread: Experts fear drive-by computer viruses

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    Experts fear drive-by computer viruses

    Cross-infecting...seems to have some people worried...

    " It hasn't happened yet, but Paul Stamp, a technology analyst with Forrester Research in Massachusetts, said it is theoretically possible that future viruses could jump across platforms.

    "If it is attached to a network and if it is programmable, then there is a chance it can be infected," Stamp said."


    but not too worried.

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    I can see that coming.

    [Hypothetical] I have a laptop that governs my NOS system on my street rod. It's also linked via onboard software to gps, with web access for software updates from both manufacturers.

    Fred, an employee of my NOS software company has a laptop he works his magic upon in creating newer, bigger, badder NOS monitoring programs for his customers. He does a majority of work from his home, on his home net behind his hardware firewall. His home net also governs his entertainment system (DVD server, Music server, the works - he's a big home automation fan.)

    Fred's wife, Idjit, gets a virus attached to an email. It sneaks past the firewall and AV progs because it's something they're not looking for, a day-0 multi-platform virus. It immediately seeks out his entertainment server and attaches itself to all his stored DVD's. It also finds his TIVO box and proceeeds to infect via uplink the TIVO servers as well. Fred watches his favorite movies in a small window while composing his programs. Oops, the multiplatform virus just attached itself to his freshly compiled patch.

    Fred releases his patch into his company's systems for immediate release to the consumers.

    Now it's quietly in residence in my NOS, waiting to blow my engine at the most inopportune time.[/Hypothetical]

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    Where the hell do some of you people get these waaaaaay beyond awfull sources? There has already been "cross platform viruses".

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    Wasnt this mentioned a few weeks ago?

    now who posted the story? SDK, MsM.. I am too darn lazy to search..Bluetooth etc....
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    Where the hell do some of you people get these waaaaaay beyond awfull sources?
    learn to read!
    Scripps Howard News Service
    Scripps is the news service that supplies the news to papers, t.v., radio, etc...it's a wire service .


    Wasnt this mentioned a few weeks ago?
    You're probably thinking of a similiar story...or the topic might have come up with other players? The date on this means it has just been put out on...
    March 23, 2005
    I thought this might be interesting because I've heard some of these players mentioned here before...eg. Bluetooth, etc...


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    Firstly.... This isn't about viruses... It's about Blended Threats. The combination or worm, possibly virus, cross platform etc. It's mostly worm.

    Ed Skoudis discussed all of this in Malware: Fighting Malicious Code published last year. Good to see that the news feeds are keeping up to date....
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