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Thread: Win XP 64-bit version - performance increase

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    Question Win XP 64-bit version - performance increase

    OK, before anybody gets angry, I already found a thread discussing Win XP 64-bit, but got a comment to not bring old threads alive again. Also got comments previously about not bringing up "new" threads that have already being discussed. So now I am a little bit confused about the rules here. Topic has already been up, but I would like an update, so I hope I'm not going against the rules with this thread?

    How many people out there have installed Win XP 64-bit? How big was the performance increase compare to the 32-bit version? Just a slight increase, or a really big increase?
    What about 64-bit specific written applications? Anyone installed something where you can really tell the difference? (like some heavy duty 3D program or something?)


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    IF you have a Question, make a new thread, if you have a stupid comment, just don't post, if you have a good educational comment, post in the old thread.

    Didn't get a chance to try 64 yet .
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    Check on Google for benchmark!

    For 32 bits application, their is less or plus 5% performance.
    For 64 bits appliication, the performance is way up versus same application in 32 bits.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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