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Thread: Copyright Reform Happening in Canada -- finally (?)

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    Copyright Reform Happening in Canada -- finally (?)

    As you may or may not be aware, a couple of years ago Canada became somewhat of a haven for music and software trading when a judge ruled that trading software was like using a photocopier in the public librairy.

    It would appear that this may not be the case any more. Michael Geist's Blog site, which has often presented info on Canadian copyright and cyber laws, identifies 8 new areas Canada is dealing with:

    • 1. The government will implement the WIPO Internet treaties.

      2. The package will include an anti-circumvention provision applied to copyright material.

      3. The recording industry gets some of their package – a making available right and a full reproduction right for performers.

      4. A “notice and notice” system for ISPs rather than notice and takedown.

      5. The photographers’ copyright issue will also be addressed.

      6. As previously reported, the extended license for Internet materials has been shelved for now with a consultation on the issue planned for this year.

      7. The Act will include new provisions to facilitate electronic delivery of materials within schools and libraries. This is viewed as addressing the user side of the equation.

      8. Other major issues for immediate consultation include private copying and broadcasters rights.
    It was bound to happen at some point given the outcry by CRIA after the judge's decision so enjoy the downloading while you can.
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    Some recent happenings here in UK

    Music file-swapping
    BPI forces ISPs to provide file sharer details [11 Mar 05]
    The BPI has begun a second wave of lawsuits against alleged illegal file sharers. The UK music industry body has been granted a High Court order compelling ISPs to provide the names and addresses of 31 individuals.

    › See full story

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    Bugger I thought this was a reforming of one of our illustrious members..

    When it comes to copyright.. OZ has very strickt laws.. THOU Shalt Not Copy.!
    you cant copy for a personal backup..

    If you want to play music (even a radio station) in your store you need an annual permit.. or pay a hefty fine.. oh or play copyright free crap..
    Same story for TV.. and VHS/beta Video (ie a tape) included on the one permit (it is extra to the music –tape-CD-Radio. but included on this one)..
    But you want to play DVD’s you have to pay double..????
    No wonder OZ is referred to the arse end of the world

    I hope the storyt isnt the same in canada.. or I hope that it dosent turn up like this..
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    I'm glad to see that finally the "Photographer's Copyright Issue" will (hopefully) be addressed and make some advances to catch up to countries like in the USA, etc.

    Our photographic friends in Canada need to be able to own their rights, and until that can happen it won't be really possible for Canadian organizations/businesses/events to afford to hire professional photographers, especially ones from other countries like the USA which offers protections to them. (IE, since the photographers currently get no/few rights to their images taken in Canada, they must charge much more or deny the offer for the whole package because annual/renewal licenses for individual photos/works can't be negotiated right now -- they give that all up under current law and must raise prices to compensate)

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    Not sure about Scotland but in England & Wales:

    We would particularly advise parents to check what their children are doing on the internet and make sure that they are not breaking the law by filesharing illegally,' he said.
    Total crap, bollix and FUD..................English law is quite clear, a MINOR is a MINOR and the parents are not held responsible for the actions of their children.

    And that applies to serious offences, not filesharing crap Even the Police are powerless..........

    Now, the BPI will not make the mistake of trying to take a MINOR to court or all this will be patiently and very expensively explained to them by a judge

    And the "bad boys" will just find 11 year olds to front for them?

    Until the law changes, these guys are calling "tails" to a coin with two "heads"

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    heh...read the subject and thought it was about ©opy®ight changing his ways....


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    Hey allenb1963,

    I have this big bag of leopard spots..............I just don't seem to be able to sell them?

    Happy Easter old chap!

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