Ok guys, I've got a new external hard drive that's giving me headaches. I bought used off eBay.

It's an Acomdata RocketPod drive, 120GB. Windows XP, according to Acomdata, is supposed to already have the drivers for it to run on it.

I plugged the drive in via USB2.0, plugged in AC adapter, powered up the drive. Windows detected new hardware. USB mass storage unit detected, and ready for use. All is well now eh? Nope. I go into My Computer, and there's no sign of the drive.

I then go into the Computer Management console to see if any hint of the drive is detected there. Nothing.

Then I checked out Device Manager, and it is detected there.

So, I'm at a loss. Restarted both the computer and the drive and it's still not showing up for use. Any ideas? Is anyone familiar with this particular drive?