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Thread: EDS, what exactly does your foot taste like?

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    EDS, what exactly does your foot taste like?


    The outsourcing specialist now says it will embrace Linux, after unleashing a storm of protest by branding the open source OS unsuitable for enterprise use
    Outsourcing specialist EDS said it was "proactively engineering" Linux into its product portfolio, backtracking on previous statements that the open-source software was insecure and unscalable.

    EDS' management in the United States moved to clarify its position on Linux in a statement issued to ZDNet UK sister site ZDNet Australia on Thursday after Robb Rasmussen, the vice-president responsible for alliances, unleashed a storm last week by denigrating the open-source platform's readiness for large enterprises.

    At the launch of EDS' Agility Alliance a grouping of IT heavyweights including Cisco, Microsoft, Sun, Dell, Oracle and EMC in Sydney, Rasmussen told attendees that Linux was not suitable for such users because it had issues with security, scalability and could possibly fork into different flavours.

    Rasmussen's comments not only caused uproar in the pro-Linux community, they also directly contradicted statements and case studies on EDS' Web site that applauded Linux specifically for its security and stability.

    Microsoft funding of security report decried
    Finding that system is superior to Linux is biased, critics say

    This week, the researchers released their finished report, and it included another surprise: Microsoft was funding the project all along.
    So SDK, how come you haven't reported this yet like you did when this project first showed the "evidence" ?

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    All outsourcers are wankers,

    The people who employ them are wankers who have lost the instructions......

    I have BEEN THERE..............I have GOT THE T-SHIRT..................I speak from personal and professional experience here I believe that my elected bodies and representatives should not have the right to outsource the trust I placed in them?

    My view

    CSC are Sh1t, but EDS are Sh1t plus ( like C+ and C++ )

    And I did violate the "rules" and retain enough evidence for termination of contracts and get severe prison sentences for certain individuals..............maybe neeek I will find a bit of time

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    Bah, EDS already had an extensive platform based on propriatary Unix. They were probably trying to sqeeze MS for some severely reduced pricing or cash.
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