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Thread: AO Benefits

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    AO Benefits

    Im still a newbie here, and somehow I have gotten 10 AO pts. or something to the effect. My new 'site benefit' is confrence rooms. So I have 2 questions:
    Can I see a list of confrences that I can join in?
    What are some of the other site benefits that I may be getting from my stays at AO?

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    First of all, Welcome to AO!

    Please visit the FAQ section Click Here:

    Most of your site related questions can be answered there.

    Question: What are Conference Rooms? How do I use them?

    Answer: The Private Conference Rooms have been designed to act like private threads where you and others that you invite can discuss a particular subject. Simply sign up for a room and your "room key" will be sent to you and someone else (whom you have specified). Once you register a room, you can send keys to others as well.The rooms aren't feature rich, and are meant only for single, simple conversations between a small group of people.To open a new Private Conference Room, click Open a New Private Conference Room. You willl be asked to provide a name for your Conference Room, where you want the key to be sent (PM, or Email), and where you want the other key sent. Once you hit the Send The Private Conference Room Keys, you will receive your key (through PM or email).If you've selected to receive your Room Key through PM, you'll receive a PM titled Your Room Key and sent by Webmaster.

    The PM will look like this:Quote:

    Your Private Conference Room is ready. It is room number xxx and is named Room Name. Your key to get in is key. To goto your room click here.

    To join an already existing Conference Room, you will need a Room Number, and a Room Key. You can only get these by invitation from another member.
    Custom Titles:

    - 500 posts
    - 2 years of membership
    - 11 green dots
    - Active involvement in security discussions

    Access to Addicts Forum: After you have 275 posts, you'll see your new Site Benefit show up under on the main page.

    Custom Avatar:
    Avatars are displayed below your username on all posts that you make. There are two kinds of avatars: those provided by AntiOnline and those that you upload yourself.

    To start off, you may select an avatar provided by AntiOnline that best describes your personality. After you make 10 posts or more, custom avatars become enabled for you, which allows you to upload an avatar image from your computer.

    You can pick an AntiOnline avatar or upload your own in your Site Options.
    The last item, Avatar, allows you to pick/change/upload an avatar.”

    Conference Rooms: Listed above.

    World Famous Decoder Ring: Source and requirements still remains the most guarded secret.


    Edit: Had to add the Lounge Benefits as described by Eg....

    Lounge Benefits: The Moderators graciously provide the entertainment and beverages after Five PM on Monday’s and Wednesdays. However the date and location is encrypted and you must have possession of a decoder ring to see and decipher the location.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Hi Relyt,

    Ya CyberGlyph...the decoder ring is good, but Relyt forgot to mention the go-go dancing girls and the free booze in the lounge after five on Monday's and Wednesdays!


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    Hey Guys,

    I think the most benefit that you can earn from AO is KNOWLEDGE and MOST importantly dealing with NICE and knowledgable people, the rest are complementaries.....

    Welcome abroad CyberGlyph,

    \"The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards - and even then I have my doubts\".....Spaf
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    you can tell black cluster isn't kissing ass, at all..

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    Black Cluster, Get over it.

    99% of this site is bullshit. Most of the people are asshats. The only benefit is JP's hidden pr0n stash.

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    Am i the only senior that came back and is not being an ******* to everyone ?
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    I'm not being an *******. :P

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    Am I missing something here ???

    Go away for a couple of minutes [ish] come back, Winston banned ?

    And d0ppy [nice disguise by the way d0pp ] has registered and carrying on the [slightly] off topic meandering ............ AND there's some posts missing .........

    Or is it just me ?

    It's probably just me
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    OLDER yes
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    You know whats scary? I'v been here a long time.....and I don't know any of you!!
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