On March 11, 2005 the U.S. Federal Trade Commission took action against MaxTheater, the company behind SpywareAssassin, an "anti-spyware" product. In its complaint, the FTC specifically named several of the more deceptive and unfair practices that are employed by many of the "anti-spyware" applications listed on this page, namely:

* falsely claiming to have scanned users' PCs remotely and detected "spyware"
* using high pressure sales tactics through pop-ups and spam to compel users to buy its application, SpywareAssassin
* selling an "anti-spyware" product that falsely detects "spyware" on users' PCs
* selling an "anti-spyware" product that fails to remove a substantial amount of "spyware" from users' PCs
Also included is a list of rogue/suspect antispyware products
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