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    Live CD review

    Hey all,
    Iím doing some testing with some live CDs and plan on writing some reviews for the ones that I work with and like. So far I am using Auditor, FIRE, WinPE, Gentoo live CD, and a few others. Ill have the reviews up when I finish with them, but in the mean time if there are any Live CDs you would like me to review or think are worth using leave a reply and ill see if I can get to them. Iím looking specifically for data recovery, security auditing, and virus/malware cleaning ability. Also just really cool stuff lol.
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    Hey XTC46,

    I have just started using Slackware Linux live CD {Renamed to SLAX)... It is pretty cool.
    If you take my advice you will review it.

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    The Knoppix Live Security CD is in your plans, right?

    Also you trying out the NIST toolkit CD too?
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    Well, I have a several of them and SuSE 9.1 Live Eval is on top followed closely by Knoppix.

    But to getter done, "Knoppix". You can make your own as well.

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    I am looking forward to the new version of Knoppix-STD. Nice one to play with and learn.

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    Hi All,

    The above link has lists of live distro's especially related to security and forensics.

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    How about Ubuntu Linux Live CD
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    Well ... I really think Whoppix is the best security based live cd !!!. It comes with a lot of stuffs from
    flash animations to a huge collection of exploits. Its got all the tools from netcat to nessus. Security
    enthusiasts wouldn't wanna miss this live cd !

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