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Thread: "Corpse Network" gets Hacker arrested..

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    "Corpse Network" gets Hacker arrested..

    This one has come over the Chinese wires thus far and hasn't gone too far yet beyond that so details seem sketchy. But they all mention that the "hacker" used a "corpse network". The description (bolded below) strikes me as similar to zombies that were used in the late 90s/early 2000s for DDoSes. Has anyone else heard of these beasties (the corpse network that is)?

    Source: China Daily

    Hacker arrested for manipulating 100,000 computers
    Updated: 2005-03-26 10:08

    A man who hacked into 100,000 computers to launch group attacks has been arrested in Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province, according to the Ministry of Public Security Friday.

    The ministry's Public Information and Internet Security Supervision Bureau determined that many attacks came from a large group of computers embedded with virus programs. These computers were maneuvered by one hacker via several servers both at home andabroad.

    More than 60,000 of the 100,000 computers were within China, and some of them were owned by government departments and other important sectors, said an official with the bureau.

    They formed a so-called "corpse network," an attack tool popular among Internet hackers, which can prevent other computers from regular Internet service or send out mass junk e-mails on thehacker's orders, the official said.

    A hacker could also steal and use users' information stored in the computers, the official said, but didn't disclose the name of the arrested suspect.

    The number of crimes taking advantage of network technologies is climbing in China. Online pornography, gambling and fraud are focal points in the country's extensive crackdowns.

    The official pointed out that China should speed up legislationon Internet crimes, including enacting laws to standardize identification of network data, evidence collection and investigation.
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    Probably a misnomer for Zombie Network..
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    A man who hacked into 100,000 computers to launch group attacks
    Well Zombie is the word.. The reporter probably didnt like the Zombie reference.. comming ot of china.. probably no native support for the Zombie word.. Translation problem

    HEY: this could be a implementation of what was reported a few days ago.. (what was it using the skin for a hispeed network)..Hook up enough Bods and hack any network.. hmmm sounds like you would need a good und3rtak3r..
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    This could be the first time that I can use a "All your base are belong to us" reference in a context that actually makes sense!

    Translated by someone not familiar with botnets, probably.
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    their reffering to what we now call a bot net or packet net.
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