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Thread: Do DVD Burners burn CDs?

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    Do DVD Burners burn CDs?

    I am looking at some parts online and found a DVD burner, but do DVD burners burn Cds?
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    Yes they do .
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    Most of them do but check the spec to be sure.
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    Yeah most of them do burn CDs. But if you do decide to buy one, make sure it has the + and the _ under the +. That means it will burn and play both DVD-R(w)s, and DVD+R(w)s. And some might say dual format which is the same thing.

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    Burn Cd's... hmm no usualy Medium Rare.. havent had any with excess Carbon residue..

    Sry for being a smart arse.. Go with the previous 2 replies.. check the specs..

    Besides Cd-r and CD-RW
    look for Dual Layer +R
    as well as the usual single layer +/-R and +/-RW
    You will find a small few with DVD-RAM support

    but all that support.. the more they do more likley to break.. choose what you see you need..
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    Most of them SHOULD , but you may come across a very rare one that doesn't allow you to burn cd's. Your best sticking to a brand that's pretty popular then your guaranteed that it will work with cd's. But as I said it would be very rare to come across one that wont allow you to burn cd aswell as dvd.

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