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Thread: security antivirus

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    security antivirus

    i am a newbie with antivirus programs can someone point me in the right direction with anti virus programs,please!!!!

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    That is WAY too broad.

    One could right a BOOK in answer to that question (and I'm sure have).

    Ask us something specific...and make sure the question hasn't already been asked and answered elsewhere in AO...

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    AngelicKnight is right, don't be generic, be more specific.

    IF you are trying to say that you don't know which AV to install, then you might chose from one of the most famous AVs:

    [1] Norton
    [2] McAfee
    [3] Trend Micor

    The most important advice for a newbie is to keep in mind that updating the AV is even more inportant than installing it altogether, becuase un-updated AV will not function as it suppose to do.

    I hope I could address your question, couldn't I?

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    Use the search button on AO, there is a lot of good thread on that subject.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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