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    can someone please explain to me how to telnet useing ms-dos i have tryed and tryed but all i get is incorrect command

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    Did you try to Google it??? Answer NO.... Have a go
    Did you try to search AO... I bet you did not.. try AO search engine... it is better than google... lol..

    And this if you are really lazy:

    Telnet <target IP or hostname> <Port number>

    Mession completed...

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    Again, you need to ask SPECIFIC questions.

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    MS-DOS doesn't have a telnet command. Hell, it doesn't even have a TCP/IP stack.

    Or do you mean a command prompt on win9x/2K/XP?
    If so it sounds like your path is screwed up.

    Start -> Run... -> cmd.exe (if you're on 2K/XP) and type path on the prompt.
    Tell us what that tells you. It should atleast contain c:\windows\;c:\windows\system32;.
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