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Thread: one ip, two domains?

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    one ip, two domains?

    i host a little web page off of my home computer and my ip is registered to my domain name and whatever, but recently my dad has asked if he could host his site on my computer for a while. i had thought we could just edit our dns accounts to equate my domain to <my ip addy>/<a directory> and his domain to <my ip addy>/<a directory> but zonedit.com only gives enough space for an ip address. is that just zonedit or is there no way to use folders with dns. how could we rig this up so that both of our sites can be hosted off of our home connection? we were considering using forwarding on one of them but that just puts the page in a frame and it seems like we'd loose some functionality that way.

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    Guessing. You have Apache and your DNS server is located off site at Zone Edit. Looking at their site it looks like their Web Forwarding service would work? There are a lot of variables here depending on what type of virual host you can built on the DNS site. One option may be no-ip.com ? You build a virutal host in Apache then us no-ip.com to redirect DNS requests to your virtual host since you can't control your DNS. Another option is to bring DNS in house.
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    RoadClosed already gave you a quick essentials overview. To answer your question,
    there are too many unspecified variables.

    domain names

    - How do you want the two sites to be accessed?



    Remark: dyndns.org gives you 5 free hostname entries (also available for
    static IP's, what you seem to have). I guess, this is more or less what no-ip.com

    - Have you already registered www.mysite.com and www.myfatherssite.com?
    Usually, the registrars DO provide DNS entries as well. Enquire and insist.
    If you have not registered one of the domains so far, choose a registrar who
    does provide DNS entries, like domainbank.net[2], but make sure prior to

    virtual hosts

    As pointed out by RoadClosed, any webserver can easily configured to assign
    a domain name to a "directory" (virtual hosting). This is possible since HTTP 1.1.
    E.g. Apache in httpd.conf
    # Use name-based virtual hosting.
    #IP configuration depends on your configuration
    	ServerAdmin admin@mysite.com
    	DocumentRoot "...mydirectory..."
    	ServerName mysite.com
    	ServerAlias mysite.com www.mysite.com
    #IP configuration depends on your configuration
    	ServerAdmin admin@myfatherssite.com
    	DocumentRoot "...myfathersdirectory..."
    	ServerName myfatherssite.com
    	ServerAlias myfatherssite.com www.myfatherssite.com

    [1] http://www.dyndns.org/services/dns/statdns/
    [2] http://www.domainbank.net/
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