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    Thanks for trying guys. I can live with the lower refresh rate on this box - it's a secondary system anyways that I klunk around on sometimes. (In fact, I always klunk around on this one - my GodSystem is net-isolated and will remain that way until it's replaced with newer and better.)

    Getting the driver rolled back to the Win Reinstall seemed to clear up the bsod problems though...
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    This looks like the answer (from the MS XP SP2 release notes):

    Green Distortion with S3 Graphics Video Adapter

    When Windows Media Player plays some .avi files, the video might not display properly in the Video and Visualization window: a green color might obscure the video. This distortion can occur if your computer uses an S3 Graphics video adapter, and you have not installed the latest video drivers.

    To update your video-driver software, go to the S3 Graphics Web site to download and install the most recent drivers that are available for your video adapter.

    If you have the most recent video drivers, and the problem still occurs, try either turning off the video acceleration overlay or viewing the entire screen. You can change these settings in Windows Media Player.

    The following two procedures explain how to change these settings.

    To turn off video acceleration overlay


    On the Tools menu, click Options.


    In the Options dialog box, on the Performance tab, click Advanced.


    In the Video Acceleration Settings dialog box, clear the Use overlays check box.

    To view the video using the entire screen

    On the View menu, click Full Screen.
    In order for the Full Screen command button to be available, the video must be playing or paused.

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