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Thread: Building blades and a blade server?

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    Building blades and a blade server?

    I am thinking about building a blade server and some blades, but I am confused on building blades. Does anyone have any experience on the matter or know any books?
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    Don't get me wrong but you seem totally clueless as to what a bladeserver is and what it's used for. I looked at a few other posts made by you. Especially this post. Did you miss SDK's post? He wasn't kidding when he asked if you had $50.000 to spare.

    Build a plane old PC and be done with it. Anything more is just a waste of money. Hell, if you've got that much money to spend why not build 2 PC's and network them. Use one for your programming/games and the other as a fileserver/webserver/whatever.
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    I answer once and I'll not again! SirDice did a marvelous job of answering you!
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    Hey Draxx,

    What would you want a blade server for? It seems a bit exotic (and expensive) for a private individual?

    I could be wrong, but I tend to associate them with a clustering type of technology and with one application per blade. I think that might be a bit cumbersome in a SOHO/domestic environment?.

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