Yeah, so here goes an "introduction" or whatever. Some of you might know me from other places, namely as Virtual_Mage on and God_Jihad on my own site. If you don't already know me, then here's a bit about me.

I've always found solace in taking things about and putting them back together, or just in learning new things in general. I'm interested in a lot of different topics, not just computer-related stuff, namely music, writing (poetry), and watching movies.

Oh, and as for listing an accomplishment or two, I found exploits in pLog and Surgemail. The pLog one has been sibmitted to Full-Disclosure, and there's a disseration on the Surgemail one on my site in the forums, as I never got around to really testing it out on any other systems. So I can't say for sure that it works all the time.