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    Thanks for the negs ...but you need a harder punch buddy

    I think you are full of ****......

    If your IT guy wanted to know how to do this...if he has any brains...and was not helping you with out jeopordizing his job...cause it sounds like your IT buddy is just a tech..and if I were his boss ...I have both your asses in a sling!!!!!

    An IT person would probably have posted something like this

    "I need to allow one of my (L)users acces to his yahoo account without opening up access for everyone. We are running blah blah blah server with a blah blah blah firewall.
    Anyone have any ideas??"
    and recieved some ideas, help etc

    As for you
    heres a LART


    Glad you resolved your issue...took some of the advice offered
    Ask your system admin?????
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    Do you wonder why all your threads end up "you guys are mean, I just wanted to do ... blah blah... I can't believe you won't help"????????

    Do you see a pattern??
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    if I were a student I wouldnt be here on this site! AND I never said it is against the rules for students to view those things it is just for their safety. I have It with me now. NO we didnt sign anything. LIke he just said we would hate to know some one who gets so hostile over a question would work in SECURITY!!!! the it GAVE me the proxy site to go around it! It is safe because it only allows access for few min and only twice per day per computer. Get a life dude , Im done her
    Whether you signed anything or not doesn't necessarily mean you didn't agree to an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). By virtue of working for the school, akin to the fact that students attend the school would also agree to this, might be reason enough. That said, you may be frustrated but keep in mind that many here are not interested in encouraging some to break the "rules" or "law" (that doesn't mean that you are)and no one knows "YOU" (as in the real, touch-skin-talk-in-person you). For all intents and purposes, you're just an avatar/name here and you could be a 15 foot fuzzy blue monsters with nefarious plans to steal all the cookies on the planet.

    The advice given is sound -- although it may not be what you want to hear. Many people don't want others to get into trouble for doing something that they, the person asking the question, believe is harmless. Sometimes we do things and don't realize what the consequences are (without knowing the details -- and I mean nitty-gritty details -- of the setup at your school there is no way for anyone here to know what consequences if any that might result by pointing out ways to by-passing your security). Anyways, food for thought.

    The proxy that you mention -- is this something offered by the school/schoolboard? And if they (IT) gave you the proxy site, do they not have the address or was this an anonymous proxy that they found?

    Alternatively if they don't have it handy, it might be something like http://www.anonymizer.com . Worth looking into.


    And on this note (along with others) thread closed. If anyone truly feels the need to share more, start a thread in General Chit Chat (GCC).
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