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Thread: IE Product Manager Challenges Mozilla

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    IE Product Manager Challenges Mozilla

    Yeah, I'm on a roll today.

    Another interesting article:

    Yes, I know -- How many times have we visited this IE vs. Firefox debate? What I want to do on this thread is focus on IE's Product Manager Dave Massy's responses to Mozilla's criticisms, which I think is very interesting. Look at this:

    "The security of any browser is irrelevant if it is part of the operating system."
    That's one of the first things he's quoted saying. Does that line strike anyone else as disturbing? Irrelevant? He goes on:

    "If we are to debate security of browsers then let's bring in relevant arguments and accurate details about different possible attacks rather than rely on the irrational fear that because IE is part of the operating system it must be exposing OS functionality to the Web."
    Well so far he hasn't actually made a rebuttle. All he's done is say "No fair! Ours is part of the OS and yours isn't!" So does he actually have a real point to make?

    Evidently not from what I gather in that article...The best thing he had to say was this:

    "As we develop IE we go through very thorough and stringent security reviews to ensure that every change is secure and does not expose the user to attack."
    But that doesn't answer that staggering 98% figure mentioned ealier in the article, does it? He's just making what almost seems like worn out scripted responses of "well, we're working really really hard".

    Now, personally, I adhere to the view of whether you're talking about IE vs. Mozilla, or Windows vs. Linux, in the end security always relies on the man/woman behind the computer. If you know what you're doing, I imagine you can be pretty safe with IE...but you need to know what you're doing. That aside, I think these are some very interesting talking points, and a lame response from the talking heads at Microsoft.

    Your thoughts?

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    My thoughts are that the people who debate IE versus Firefox leaves both sides wrong and acting like extremist fanbois. I encourage IE to say "we challenge firefox", and I encourage firefox to say "we challenge IE".

    One of the forgotten parts of the software world is that competition is a good thing for both closed source and open source projects. Remember Ie versus netscape? Christ, think of the immense improvements and standardization enforcement that emerged from that battle ending. IE and firefox competing and butting heads is something we need to view as a good thing. IE will bust their ass to improve the software for security, standardization, and overall improved use. Firefox will do the same. With both going at each others throats, we the consumers will come out on top with a hell of a product regardless of who wins.
    \"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.\"
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    Boy, is that ever true. I don't think SP2 would have even become what it is now were it not fromt he growing pressure of the open source community.

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    The open source community will always be an important part in the developement of commercial software. Some of the best concepts have come from the OSC.

    btw, I'm finally back after a VERY long break from AO.

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