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Thread: Linux Makes Granny Cry

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    Linux Makes Granny Cry

    I installed KDE. It is frothing with useful tools that are included for FREE, but you know that already don't you? This really means a lot to an old lady on social security.
    I know that those super users of Linux tend to call Kate an "editor." To me it is a wonderful and simple way to keep my web pages updated. Kate is incredible. It allows highlighting for so many different languages.
    Kate is also very smart because even though I imported a bad font in my html, I can easily replace the bad character with the correct one in seconds.


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    I'm speechless....

    Rock on Granny

    It's about time people started realizing that Linux (and BSD or whatever) has evolved from it's shell origins. With desktop environments such as KDE and Gnome, and all of the free tools included with it, it is a very viable alternative to Windows and Macintosh.

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