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Thread: the sleep command

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    the sleep command

    in SusE linux 9.0 i discovered the sleep command and i read the info file but couldn't realy tell it's purpose, does anyone kno of how to use the sleep command?

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    The wait command man page simply states that it pauses script execution until a specified process ID completes. The man page for the sleep command is a single line stating that it causes a script to pause for specified period of time.
    This article explains it so you can get a grasp on it

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    I use it sometimes inside scripts. Sometimes I need to kill a process then restart it. If you script that, the killing might not be finished before it restarts the process. So you put a sleep between them to give the system some time to kill te process.

    killall pptp
    sleep 3
    pptp adsl &
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    The sleep command is used to suspend the execution of a shell script for the specified time. This is usually in seconds.


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