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Thread: How To Avoid Flaming in a Thread - REVISITED

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    If so, how do I join and when can I pick up my cape?
    You have to get your red long johns with the rear door opening first.

    THEN you might be considered... maybe.

    Oooooh..... look at all dem zeroes again! w00t!
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    Congrats MsMittens on your 60000th post...errr...hehe...6000th post ...we shall preserve this in the archive Hall of Fame...conveiniently located between gore's 100000th greenie and Negative's 500th banning.

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    Hmm..just my two cents:
    I wouldnt agree with the posting of the 'stickier' stickies for just one reason:They're there to read..and if you're new and cant see,well..there's not much hope Most people here I'm sure didnt get here because they omitted attention to detail nor did most people have things handed two them on a platter,there're already enough notices saying Sticky:READ THIS!!.Maybe if we changed them to Sticky:l33t H4X0r1ng 1nf0?
    hehehehe,I'm headed back to me vodka,oh and congratulations MsMittens

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    god this post has to be one of the most pointless ones ive seen in weeks. Atleast the "how do I hack hotmail" or "how do I get around my schools security" provide for some entertainment when the people get all pissy after they get flamed.

    whats next? a tutorial on how to convert you "0mG 1m s0 1337!!!!!1one" writing style into one that actually makes sence?
    Everyone is going to die, I am just as good of a reason as any.

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    How to avoid getting flamed: Always post accurate, relevant, irrefutable information. Oh..and dont start useless threads like this one here. Follow those two rules and you will never be flamed or negged again.

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    a tutorial on how to convert you "0mG 1m s0 1337!!!!!1one" writing style into one that actually makes sence?
    You know you want to.

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    Originally posted here by AngelicKnight
    You know you want to.
    I do I do!!! I should make a 1337 speak to english converter :P
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    Time to close...


    I'll join the fun later. Got important things to do -- TO SAVE THE WORLD...


    Congratulations on your 6000th, MsM!

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    Re: How To Avoid Flaming in a Thread - REVISITED

    Originally posted here by scratchONtheBOX
    How To Avoid Flaming in a Thread - REVISITED
    What was you reasoning behind this post? i.e. What did you hope to achieve? Sorry, "How to avoid flames in a thread" Obviously your method must be 100% effective. No more flames on AO.BAd, bad, bad , bad bad, boys / girlies. Stop flaming

    Originally posted here by thehorse13
    The best way not to get flamed is not to post threads called "How to avoid flaming in a thread".
    Common sense goes a long way. Use it and you wont get flamed and/or negged.
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    So the next thread should be "How to Win at Flaming".

    Suggested writer: Negative.

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