Hello all,

I just reinstalled windows xp on my main system drive, a 110 gig WD. Before that, I backed up everything i needed on a maxtor sata 300 gig drive. After the reinstall, however, the 300 gig backup drive doesn't come up under my computer. I did not format or partition it, and I can see it under computer management. It is under healthy and active status, and the space used is accurate. The only options that are not grayed out are properties, help, and delete partition. I am not going to delete partition because i have some critical files on that drive.

I looked up on the internet about this issue, and the only thing i found was to install my sata controller driver, but there is no unknown device in device manager. How would I go about installing that if it would help?

Motherboard is MSI K8N Neo Platinum. I downloaded the nforce driver and installed everything but the ide driver, because it has caused problems in the past.

If someone could please help me, they would be my hero.