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Thread: College recomendations

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    Question College recomendations

    Hey all

    i have only 3 semesters left of Highschool and my councler said i should start looking into colleges

    computers are my life so my carrer is going to be in the computer field

    probably network tech, security specialists, programer, webdesign, anything along thoes lines

    ive been looking at some state schools in illinois, being thats were i live, and they all say to have decent computer science labs and degrees

    but most of you here are either in college or done with college already so id like to hear your advice

    which colleges will give me the most education for my $$
    which colleges are more suscesfull at making top payed employes of companys
    which colleges are better to go to to get a suscesfull job out of college
    etc. etc.

    i still have a year before i really have to concentrate on where im going..... but the sooner the better

    any advice whatso ever can be usefull

    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    Well, it has been a long time in my case, but the first question you should ask yourself is "how close to my family do I want to be"

    College is a very important time in your personal development...............you may want some breathing space?

    which colleges are more suscesfull at making top payed employes of companys
    Yale, Harvard, Princeton, MIT? and probably a whole load more I have never even heard of From what you say I would look at those who also have a solid reputation for business studies

    just my thoughts.............and rather out of date I fear

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    You should be able to talk to a guidance counselor at any school, they would be able to tell you what you might want to take and what you need to do to get there, thats what they are for. Im going to a community college to get certified, after that I have 1 more year and im off to a bigger college. Most colleges have access to their classes online if you goto their website, you should be able to see what is available so you have an idea where you will be needing to go. I know the schools around here updated their class schedules not long ago for the Aprill 11th (summer) classes.

    Hope this helps a little, although its self explanitory..

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    Hi hexadecimal,

    I don't mean to sound critical...and I really do not mean any offense by this at all...however, you are discussing higher-end educational facilities, therefore...

    any higher-end educational facility is going to require either an exam or application or both...and considering you are in America ( which doesn't necessarily mean you were born there ) your english writing skills are going to need dramatic improvement to qualify for those higher-end institutions.

    Your post is an indication that you need to focus on your english which will be a requirement both for acceptance at a higher-end facility and for any future employment opportunities.

    A prospective employer is not going to be impressed if you cannot communicate in an effective way...everyone makes mistakes...even the people here...but your post indicates that you need help in this area before considering entering a university or college.

    I really don't mean to be critical so don't take it as such.


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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Unless you're accepted to an Ivy League School; it doesn't matter.

    If I had my masters from Kalamazoo College instead of Michigan State, I'd only have a much much more expensive diploma. (Kzoo is one of the countries most expensive private colleges)

    If I had a Masters from Harvard, There's no way in hell I'd be doing sysadmin work. I'd be advising Fortune 500 on their IT initiatives. And getting a hell of a lot more money.

    And to enforce Egaladeists advice: I read a column recently where employer's are seeing an increase of college graduates who can't communicate. They won't look the interviewer in the eyes when interviewing, they can't compose a letter or speak coherently on the phone. This due, in part, to the years of IRC and Three Letter Acronyms, and Spell Checker.

    Good Luck in your search

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    yea i was born and raised here, never did well in english...ever...never made much sense

    i CAN sound profesional....when i was younger parents wanted me to be a polition *yea right, like that will ever happen*.... but here i feel more like a family than a professional metting area...even though that is what it is ment to be... i agree with dinowuff... 4 years of IRC and AIM has kinda messed with me....i have the ability to write how ever i want according to my english teacher...just i choose not to *bad on my part*... when i write i usualy just write what ever is going through my head, its like im speaking rather than writing.... on my sophmore term paper i got a 99% because i forgot to capitilize a few words

    the family spacing issue....as far away as possiable

    i wanted to get into MIT....but grades arnt there..

    i was given a Prarie State Exam or something along thoes lines and it predicted that i would get a 30-35 on my ACT... although i get B's and C's in class

    my main concern is where can i get the most education... if i go to a state school compared to a private school, is it going to matter much?

    thanks for your time
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    It won't matter a bit. Just go to the colleges, take a tour, hang out and watch the traffic, etc. and get a feel for the campus. If you like it ....go there.

    I'm a firm believer that you get out of your education that which you put in. Put in nothing= get out nothing(the vast majority of people with degrees I've met) Put in a lot=get out a lot.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    my main concern is where can i get the most education... if i go to a state school compared to a private school, is it going to matter much?
    I work at a private liberal arts college, their Comp Science Dept. is a good one, but their IT department is for a managerial degree, not hands on. You will have to check out each college for what they offer. Talk to professors and students in the degree that you are looking for. You will probably get more personal help from a smaller school than from a larger one. Don't just take what the college has to say, talk to as many people who are going there or have graduated from that college.

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    ok thanks guys... last question for the guys in college

    do you enjoy the courses or are they watered down
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    Having spent 5 years in college as a full time student, I can say I may be somewhat of an expert on it, and I shall hopefully, in another two years, get my AS.

    As KorpDeath so eloquently put it, you only get out what you put in. If you screw around like I did, you'll end up where I am, trust me, you don't want that. But if you are willing to work and study, it doesn't really matter where you go. Find a college you like, with a campus you're comfortable on. Look for colleges tat have wireless internet and whatnot. It'll be your home for a long time. Oh yeah, make sure you check out the library too. A good library is a good sign.

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